<aside> 👉 Duplicate this form and fill it in before the feedback meeting. Take maximum one hour and keep it short. Remember that it’s in everyone’s benefit to receive honest feedback so that we can grow and improve. For feedback guidance, see this doc.


Feedback given to
How and on what did you work together?
What do you think are the strengths of [name]? What are they really good at?
Think of a moment where you saw the strength in this person.
Think of moment that might have been difficult for this person (what you sense/noticed) and/or a moment that you found difficult with this person and may have wished for a different dynamic. How did this moment look like?
Where/how have you seen this person grow?
What do you enjoy in working with [name]?
What can you or have you learned from [name]?
What could [name] improve and / or develop according to you?
Do you have any tips or suggestions for [name]?